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Project Description

Prices starting from: £100

3 Day First Waves Course

Walking on Waves provides unique, unforgettable surfing experiences at Croyde Bay in North Devon.

This course is designed to get the complete beginner up and riding waves. Even if you’re not a complete beginner, our 3 day first waves course will be perfect for ironing out bad habits and progressing forward to the next level of riding.


  • Safety brief
  • Explain the basic parts of the board and entering the water.
  • Determine whether you are Goofy or Regular foot (left foot forward or right foot forward)
  • Instruction in all the ways I know to get you up and riding on the board.
  • In the sea!


  • Catching waves and turning left and right.
  • Moving forwards and backwards on the surfboard to generate speed and slow down.


  • Catching unbroken waves ( if the conditions allow us to) and riding in the direction the waves are going.
  • Practising turning and length of ride
  • Fun Stuff – Switch foot surfing and headstands!